Thursday, March 13, 2008


Last fall, we were blessed with the opportunity to continue our engineering careers in the Rio Grande Valley. After much thought, both Omar and I decided that moving back home is the right thing for our family. These past few months have been as hectic as a whirl wind. With the house selling and just closing out things here in Dallas, it really hadn't hit us that this was really happening. The days seem to be melting away and we all of a sudden find ourselves within a few weeks of being back home.

This moment in our lives can only be described as bittersweet. We are deeply going to miss our Dallas friends and the area that we have grown to love. My heart is sad. And at the same time, it is also filled with so much happiness. After five and a half years of being away from home and missing so many family moments, we will finally be back. Bella will be able to grow up near her grandparents and cousins. My sister is expecting her first child and I will be there for it all. I am so happy. We are also very excited about sharing our photography with the valley. There are so many wonderful aspects of the valley that are soon to be captured through our lenses.

So mid-April is the big day. And with a very sad heart, we must begin to say goodbye to our friends here. When you are away from family, friends become your family away from home. And that is exactly how we feel about them. We are going to miss everyone so much.

My dear friend Tina, whom I've had the privilege to share my photography experiences with this past year, joined us in what was likely our last urban shoot together. She captured very beautiful images of Omar and I that I'd like to share with you. Thank you Tina. Your friendship will always mean the world to me.

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