Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time Flies

When I left to Dallas five and a half years ago, my little sister was only six years old. We spent every minute of that last summer together. We'd play her Nintendo 64 and try to accumulate as many stars as possible. I have to admit, we'd cheat a bit by logging onto the internet and finding out exactly where each star was hidden and the shortcuts on getting to them. We rode around in "the coolest car in the world", listening to Eminem's latest on the radio. We were inseperable. The day I left, I remember looking out of the airplane window with a huge knot in my throat and tears in my eyes and seeing her wave goodbye to me from the airport terminal. I feel like I somehow missed seeing her grow up - from birthdays, to her first school play and her elementary dance competitions. And now, I return to the valley five and a half years later to see her start her teenage years. Time flies. I'm grateful that I won't miss another moment. And she'll always be my sugar-booger. No matter how old she is...


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Tina Rogers said...

Can she work it or what?? Another great set.