Thursday, August 14, 2008

Calling the Senior Class of 2009!

The new school year is about to begin and we are looking for five high school seniors to become our senior reps. Senior reps get a free urban photoshoot and their selection of two favorite images from the shoot for use in their school's yearbook -- these are great for senior pages! Senior reps will also be featured on our website. So if you're interested in becoming a senior rep, let us know!

So as we say hello to our senior class of 2009, I leave you with images from our senior rep of 2008. Thanks Brittany!

Contact us at 956-493-8686 or or why not leave us a comment!



Norma Navarro said...

Cool! Can we recommend any seniors we know? My daughter would love to do this!

Lizbeth said...

Yes of course!

Lizbeth said...

Send us your inquiries at Thanks and look forward in hearing from you!

Antoinette said...

Great. Are you still looking for Seniors. I have senior who is a female if your still looking? Give me a call