Thursday, March 26, 2009

a very special note..

A few days ago we received a very special comment from the mother of one of our past brides, Laura. Her words touched my heart and reaffirmed our love for this art. Here is what she had to say..

"It has been said that after all the planning,excitement and drama, the only thing you have left are the memories and the Wedding Photos. Therefore the budget on the photography should be well planned. Well, with what I have seen on David & Laura Aleman's Wedding Gallery it was all well worth it!! The photo's are Exquisite!!! Lizbeth, you and Omar have managed to capture every essence in every moment of my daughter's dream wedding. I know Laura and David are pleased. When I started the slide show it was like reliving the Wedding Day all over again the pictures look so real (of course Laura and Audrey laughed with me, Yes, I cried again!) The photo's of my children, family and guests are all so special. The ones of my grandchildren are precious. All are breath taking.

Sincerely, Benilde Garcia ** Mother-of-the-Bride** "

Beni, thank you so much for your words--they mean so much to us.

-Omar & Lizbeth

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